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Jack Russel und sonne
von odie
[20. Januar 2019, 14:13:27]
Ganz wichtige frage
von Wichtelmausi
[01. Dezember 2018, 21:54:09]
von Chica 17
[24. Februar 2018, 09:32:55]
Suche einen Jack russell terrier
von Mucki13182
[15. November 2017, 17:06:10]

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Profil bearbeiten

Personal messages allow private communication between two members. SMF provides a variety of options that allow a member to control how private messages are displayed, who is allowed to send them, and how a few more of the features function.

The first two options address how private messages are displayed. If a member chooses All at once, a list of messages is displayed at the top with all of those messages displayed below the list. Selecting One at a time results in only one message being displayed at the top with a list of messages below it. As a conversation mimics the forum functionality, creating a topic-like list of replies. It is highly recommended that a member save their messages in their outbox if they choose to display messages as a conversation. The second option controls the order in which the messages are displayed.

Members may control who is allowed to send them private messages. It can be limited to members not on their ignore list, buddies and administrators, or only administrators.

Notification may be enabled in order to receive emails when private messages are received on the forum. Additionally, a popup message may also be enabled to notify a member of new messages.

The last two available options are the following.

  • Save a copy of each personal message in my outbox by default. - When sending a message, a copy of it is saved in a member's outbox automatically. This option should be enabled when viewing messages as a conversation.
  • Remove the inbox label when applying another label - When a new label is applied to a message, the inbox lable is removed.